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Our company

We  have been importing and exporting spare parts for cars since the 2000. During this time we have worked and built strong relationships with clients and supplier from more than ten countries.

Our possibilities

Using our extensive network of suppliers from different countries we have access to diverse regional price lists. Giving us the possibility to offer you the most attractive prices on your goods. You only have to choose the one that suits you most.

We will be always able to offer you an optimal delivery under your time and cost preferences with the help of our own logistic company considering Your time and cost preferences.

Our modern world is changing rapidly which means everything around it does as well. In order to be a successful business it is extremely important to be able to adjust to the rapidly changing conditions. Having all necessary resources available we have created a structure that can fulfil  all complicated modern services that our clients and partners require.

We constantly extend our list of brand and services the we offer to our clients. A client is a partner for us with whom we want to work together to achieve our mutual goals. As we work together, our primary concern is the well-being and satisfaction of our customers. Your development and well-being is the guarantee for our stability and success.


Ways to cooperate with us

We buy and deliver

You only have to submit an order through our website. We will place it, pay for it and deliver it to you.

We only deliver

You place the order, pay for it and send it to our warehouse in Europe. We will then deliver the order to you.

You are a supplier

With great interest we will consider all offers on a cooperation with us.

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